Any motorcycle is a symbol of freedom – of course, none more so than those built to the specific wishes of the owner. That’s exactly what Great Dane is: It’s thought out and built with the greatest attention to detail, quality and style. The overall design is the realization of the founder’s dream of how an exclusive motorcycle for the most discerning motorcyclists should be: Strong, powerful and reliable – and individual.

Therefore, a Great Dane is also an expression of its owner. The machine is often designed in close cooperation with him and all details are created, manufactored and painted according to his wishes. Nevertheless any Great Dane is also a fully functional and approved motorcycle that is built to look good, run well and last.

True to the tradition of custom-built motorcycles, all Great Dane are different. But they all offer the comfort and safety one can expect from a factory-built motorcycle that comes with full approval, warranty and factory support.