Red 14

275.000 ekskl. moms og afgift



Ultima 1800 cc


100 hp



Dry weight:

300 kg


This magnificent machine convincingly demonstrates that a Great Dane is not just a piece of art craft: After a hassle-free tour through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia and back it is probably one of the most traveled Great Danes. Currently the mileage stands at 30,000 kilometers. The machine was built in 2010 and has always been in the factory's ownership. The engine is the classic Ultimate machine, and both it and the rest of the technology on No. 14 is thoroughly tested: most of its life has No. 14 has been used for demonstrations and tests and is today one of the earliest Great Danes which has never been in private hands. As one of the few Great Danes this is equipped with passenger pegs and can as such - with the addition of an extra seat – be enjoyed by two people. It is fitted with the early tank type with asymmetrical installed cover and as something rarely seen on Great Danes with matte black details like side mirrors and rear lights. The headlamp is the short type, the rims are special split rims and their design is reproduced in the hubs of the brake discs. The base color is a classic very deep metal red which - like on several early models - has been applied to a very high standard by Dansk Special Lakering. Together with the dark seat in imitation snake skin and the matte details it lends no. 14 a persuasive appearance of a classic cruiser with just a slight touch of a more raw look.

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