695.000 ekskl. moms og afgift



Ultima 1800 cc


90 hp



Dry weight:

300 kg


This is where it all started and this makes No. 1 Great Dane the most special of all of them - a story that can never be repeated. There can only be one who is the first one - and here it is.

Thus this machine also had the hardest genesis of all Great Danes, and the period 2008-2009 was alternately full of frustrations and euphoria at the small Danish motorcycle factory with the big dreams.

As we all know, finally it turned out great and  No 1 is the machine on which all other Great Danes are based. Or rather - they are based on the experience gained with No 1.

In fact, this prototype differs in rather many respects from the finished product - and not just in the small details: The basic backbone of any motorcycle, the frame, is different from all the following machines. The same applies to the exhaust, tank, coupling and many other items.

No 1 was equipped with the Ultima engine, and as this was found perfect for the purpose this was carried over in the type-approved Great Danes.

And speaking of the type approval - here No 1 also distinguishes itself from the others: It has none since it was always thought of as a running test bench - a true prototype. Although after the many tests and improvements it ended up as a fully functional motorcycle, No 1 can actually not be registered for road use.

On the other hand, it can do so much more – not least telling a wonderful story.

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