265.000 ekskl. moms og afgift



Ultima 1800 cc


90 hp



Dry weight:

300 kg


Nothing exudes luxury, class and extravaganza like mink. Over the years this amazing natural material has always been a symbol of the best of fur. Denmark has proud traditions in this field and it was natural to collaborate with Copenhagen Fur on a project where luxurious material of mink fur should be incorporated in the design of a Great Dane motorcycle.

Copenhagen Fur delivered the raw materials, and chose white mink to the seat and black for everything else. The fur was shaped and sewn to fit the machine's curves and the end result speaks for itself: This Great Dane looks like no other, and "Mink" was used diligently in the marketing of fur materials and of course especially of the mink that gave the machine its name.

With its pearl-white frame and traditional Great Dane details in chrome and stainless steel, the overall expression can be described as the ultimate in discreet luxury.

Like many Great Danes ”Mink” appears at the same time as a kind of rolling sculpture, but one should not believe that the machine is only for show: Mink is not just delicious luxury, but also a hard-wearing material that can withstand wind and weather.

Like the motorcycle itself: ”Mink” is produced as Great Dane number 53 and is equipped with the strong Ultima engine and aluminum split wheels. It has always been in factory ownershipa nd was only lent to Copenhagen Furs for marketing purposes. As such it has only running-in miles on the odometer and is otherwise a factory-new machine - ready for the use that the new owner would find appropriate.


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