Gold Flower

235.000 ekskl. moms og afgift



Ultima 1800 cc


90 hp



Dry weight:

300 kg


With production number 12 Gold Flower is part of the very early Great Dane history. After the machine was completed in 2010 it went to one of the investors behind the Lauge Jensen company, and in fact carry his name on the oil tank. It was also this owner's choice to provide it with the “shark’s teeth” rear lights, an imitation snake skin seat in an elegantly bright hue as well as rims and brakes with almost organic shapes to their hub pattern. The overall theme is hard to miss as Gold Flower is exactly what the name says - and the golden flowers on the pearly white metallic paint gives it a light and elegant expression devoid of traditional macho aesthetics. The refined appearance is also emphasized by it’s very heart, the engine: Gold Flower is powered by the strong Ultimate motor, and is the only Great Dane where the engine both benefits from the beautiful “Diamond Cut”-cylinders as well as being fully polished on all other parts. The engine thus contributes to giving Gold Flower its uniquely homogeneous and organic appearance. Since its completion, Gold Flower has formed part of the investor's own collection and is therefore in absolute top condition and showing only 250 kilometers on the odometer.

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