Black Limited no. 3

255.000 ekskl. moms og afgift



S & S 1800 cc


90 hp



Dry weight:

300 kg


This Great Dane is number 60 built and as the name suggests it was originally thought as one of a small series of five similar Great Danes. However, this did not happen because all five in the series were still specified further by the owners' ideas and preferences and therefore ended up being unique anyway.

This is the last of the series, featuring the latest S & S engine and alloy wheels in a special design tailored to match the look of the primary drive in their detailing on the wheels.

Conversely, the steering wheel is kept in the simple original style, while the rear lamp is the oval type and the headlight the long variant and on no. 3 even sculpted with a small shade. The gear selector is also modified but in this case to an ultra-simple design. Compared with the classic black clear finish in very high quality, no. 3 all in all looks as an arch-type of the classic custom touring machine.

No. 3 is brand new and has only a few test kilometers on the odometer.

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